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Focus And Clarity Crystals Kit

Focus And Clarity Crystals Kit

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Focus and clarity set

It consists of four crystals chosen to help enhance the clarity and focus needed in life.


Note: All semi-precious stones are natural and may vary in colour and texture.

Sodalite for a heavenly head-clearer.

Sodalite is a head clearer.

 It mops up messy energy and muddled words and puts everything into order.

Amethyst for spiritual focus.

Our spiritual side isn’t just about cosmic thinking, it's about finding our own flow of energy and sending our intentions and manifestations out into the world.

This comes from a place of centering and the capability to talk ourselves back to a calmer state of mind.

Rose Quartz for unblocking the heart.

Rose Quartz clears away the fog and fills you with unconditional love and the intricate knowledge you need to make good decisions for yourself.

Tiger's Eye The stone of transition.

Tiger’s Eye reminds you that you are strong, you are powerful, and you have all that you need to make clear decisions that can bring about a more positive and attuned side of life

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