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Meditation Crystals kit

Meditation Crystals kit

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A collection of five carefully selected crystals to support you with their unique properties on your meditation journey.

 Note: All semi-precious stones are natural and may vary in colour and texture.

Clear Quartz for connecting with your one true intention.

Clear Quartz is all about spiritual growth it loves enticing you to look deep.

Black Tourmaline for shifting into the positive.

Black Tourmaline is a hugely grounding stone so can make sure that you stay tethered no matter how spaced out your meditative mood gets.

Amethyst for chilled vibes and leaping higher.

Forever a calming presence, the Amethyst stone is a must to have by your side during meditation.

Citrine for moving into a lightness of being.

it can give space to the sublime, the lighthearted lilt, and the joy of simply being

Rose Quartz for meditating on self-love.

this heart healing stone does powerful yet gentle work in helping you to learn to grow your levels of love and trust.


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